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8 months ago


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You bring life to your

You bring life to your home. We bring your home to life. How do you bring life to your home? It’s not the question you’d expect to be asked in a lighting and bath showroom, but we care a lot about the answer. At Robinson Lighting & Bath, we want to know exactly how you plan to use your space, so we can match the colour temperature of your fixture and functionality of your faucet to your needs. (And don’t worry if you’re tiptoeing into this world, we have the experts on staff to guide you through it.) When everything’s functioning beautifully to suit the rhythm of your everyday, you also want to know it will continue to do so for many years to come. We have the expertise to ensure any fixtures and plumbing work perfectly in your space in a technical, durable and beautiful way. Just like those who shop with us, we’re passionate about good craftsmanship and the artistry that goes into a statement piece for the home – and we’re here to help make achieving beautiful design as simple as possible. Our fall magazine features stunning products from our devoted suppliers that offer lasting beauty and functionality in everything they do. Find the inspiration you need within these pages, and then come straight to the source and get a special rate on the item you had in mind. Visit a Robinson Lighting & Bath showroom to take advantage of one of these special offers, and let us help you balance beautiful design with practical function for your home and your life. Fall Magazine pricing is valid until Dec. 31, 2018 2

Featured Brands Directory Below is a list of all the brands featured in this issue of our Robinson Lighting & Bath Fall Magazine. ET2 KICHLER 4 6 MAXIM KUZCO 4 7 ARTCRAFT KENDAL 5 8 PROGRESS 9 TECH 10 EUROFASE 11 DURAVIT 12 GROHE 13 KOHLER 14 3

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