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TIPS FROM OUR EXPERTS 1 Greater grade of steel 2 Stainless steel sinks are usually chosen for their durability (like the gorgeous Kohler Smart Divide sink). But even this quality can range in a stainless steel sink, depending on its grade and gauge. The higher the sink is in nickel content, the higher the grade, which leads to greater durability, strength, and – usually a higher cost. The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel. Typical thickness or gauge is 18, 20, or 22. The lower the number, the greater the thickness, which increases water temperature retention and reduces water sound. Thicker sinks will also be more resistant to temperature variations, hot and cold objects, and be easier to clean. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 | Verdera® Lighted Mirror 1059940 | Reg ,212 Now 9.99 4 | Composed® Tall Single-handle Lavatory Faucet 969888 | Reg ,009 Now 9.99 2 | Derring® Round Wading Pool Lavatory Sink 836922 | Reg 8 Now 9.99 5 | Tournant® Semiprofessional Kitchen Faucet 1008636 | Reg ,093 Now 9.99 7 | Verticyl® Undermount Rectangular Sink 405414 | REG 6 Now 9.99 3 | Vault TM Smart Divide Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 374756 | Reg ,258 Now 9.99 6 | Ladena® Undermount Lavatory Sink 348243 | Reg 5 Now 4.99 8 | Santa Rosa TM 1-piece Toilet 323212 | Reg 7 Now 9.99 14 9 | Veil® Wall Hung 1 Toilet 1165090 | Reg ,561 Now ,089.99 10 | C3®-125 Cleansing Toilet Seat 392496 | Reg 9 Now 9.99 1 Includes in-wall tank carrier, flush actuator (645522) and wall hung toilet (645520) * Ask us about other available finishes.

Left: Stephanie Smith Right: Jenelle Erickson, founding partners of SmithErickson Designs. Interior Designer Q & A: Jenelle Erickson SmithErickson Designs What do people most need to keep in mind when shopping for lighting for their space? When it comes to lighting, scale is very important. You need to make sure fixtures are the right scale – it’s the jewelry or the lipstick to the space, so it shouldn’t overpower a room, it should complement the other elements, adding a pop to it. What’s your process for choosing lighting with a client? When we are selecting lighting or the fixtures, I like to find that one item or inspiration to work off of. Lighting we often leave to the end – I think at that point the client has a better vision of where they’re going and the overall vision of the style. What’s one tip you’d give about shopping for lighting or bath products? You most definitely get what you pay for. I strongly emphasize this with plumbing fixtures especially. What do people most often learn after working alongside lighting experts? What people realize afterward is just how easy it can be when they have someone helping them… someone experienced makes it a lot easier for them. What do you love about bringing clients through the Robinson showroom? It’s customer service. Our rep makes it super easy for us when it comes to price requesting and answering questions we may have. If we don’t have the answer to our client’s question, they’ll get it for us. Turn On Updates Get more expert tips and the latest on new products and trends. Just for signing up for our e-newsletter, you have a chance to win a 0 gift card to shop our showroom. To enter, visit robinsonlightingandbath.com. @robinsonltgbath @robinsonltgbath Robinsonlighting andbath.com 15

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